I started my digital presence in grade school in a bad attempt at filming a version of “Old Man And The Sea” for my English class, using my parent’s 16 mm movie camera. I would give anything to have a copy. I got my friends involved. I had a toy shark, and I filmed it being pulled through the Kankakee river on a string. One of my more patient friends volunteered to be the “old man” and my crew and got her into my dad’s canoe and tried not to let her drift out to the middle of the river. I remember being disappointed in how the film came out, although of course it was heartily enjoyed by my teachers.

Somehow, even after that experience, it didn’t occur to me how much I loved taking photos and filming. Fast forward to decades later when I would become a web designer and developer, and create a music video for a friend. I had been working as an IT professional for quite some time when web design started to blow up as an industry, and I got right on board and took the bold move to work for myself.

After 12 years of that, I was ready for a change. I now work professionally as an educator at a community college. And on the side, I have taken up photography and video. I have dabbled in all sorts of digital media from Flash animation to developing Flash intros and of course photography and video. This led to me studying both documentary film and photography at University of Massachusetts from 2016 until 2018.

My favorite subjects are currently the natural world: Lanscapes, oceanscapes, water, animals and sky. My biggest concern is climate change. Circumstances have placed me in a region of the United States that gives endless opportunities for photographic beauty, so I’m out with my camera most weekends to document it. Please enjoy my work.